Winter Wonderland

Creating a Festive Winter Escape.


The winter months in Canada can be long and isolating. Seniors often need both a destination and an experience, especially when it is cold, and it becomes more difficult to get outdoors. Art can inspire and support seniors, creating a healthy quality of life.

At the Perley Health, a gallery was transformed into a form of theatre, bringing enjoyment on multiple levels beginning with its actual creation. Residents and staff worked together to create the interactive space.  Several mediums -  from wood working to paper mâché to pottery were used to tell a story that took viewers from a sleepy village to church to a frozen pond. After a snowstorm, an enchanted forest with creatures and snow-covered trees led to a log cabin complete with a roaring fire. Knitting needles, wool and books from the Perley Health library were lined up on a wooden mantle.

The viewer became part of the story as soon as they enter the Winter Wonderland. Residents told personal story as they held the skates and snowshoes and remembered and shared memories from their past. Have a look!


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Part 1: Creating a Winter Wonderland



Part 2: Tour of the Winter Wonderland



Try This at Home

  • Your Winter Wonderland can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. You could consider transforming a room or just a table.

A few tips:

  • Try and include personal items from the past (e.g. snowshoes, mittens).
  • Think about filling the entire space (e.g. hanging snowflakes from the ceiling or skirting the table with icicles).
  • Spend time in the space with your loved one, talking about the holidays, the seasons, winter sports, etc.

Learn More

  • Read more about the Winter Wonderland on the Perley Health Newsletter
  • Instructor biographies coming soon - stay tuned!


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