The Power of Music

Music is a powerful tool. In a stage where there might be many unknowns, music can be comforting as one anticipates what the musical phrase will be, or one listens to a song that they have loved throughout their whole life. It represents who that person has been and who they continue to be even at the end stages of their life - or especially at their end stages of life.

Palliative care is not just for those at the end of life or those with advanced disease. It focuses on improving one’s quality of life and ensuring as much comfort as possible. Music can help. It creates a social connection and provides something that you can share together.

Enjoy this beautiful concert performed by two of Perley Health’s music therapists.

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Try This at Home

  • Use music to encourage dialogue or help reminisce about your loved one’s life. Foster that time for reflection.
  • Choose appropriate music that is calming and not over-stimulating. Instrumental music may be better than a complicated song.


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1 Reader Comments

  • 'The singing journey'

    Posted By Genevieve H on 10/29/2018 10:22:39 AM

    Great!  I hadn't thought of that, but how useful to make a list, or resource, so that people would know the kind of music that I/they like.  There have been so many genres that I have deeply enjoyed in my experience.  It would be difficult, or impossible for anyone to work that out for me when I could not do it for myself. 

    Two of the presenters, on the right side of the picture do use their upper bodies to present, but seem to each stay fixed in a prescribed position that one can anticipate the next time that they appear.  

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