This activity builds positive relationships through therapeutic reminiscence. Participants focus on memories from the past, discuss them with others or the leader of the group, and share stories.


Ideal Group Size:    1:1 or small group


Equipment Needed

  • Written material such as topic starters, stories and articles
  • Physical objects, props or tools (e.g. antique items, old books and family heirlooms)



  1. Set up the room the way you feel is most beneficial for your group size. Ideally participants should face you or be close to you so they can hear and see you.
  2. Read material or pass around objects that you are going to reminisce about.
  3. In a loud, clear voice, read the material or talk about the object.
  4. Ask participants if they remember the object. What was it used for? Did they use it? Did a family member use it? Does it bring back positive or negative memories? How has this object changed over the years? Do we still use the object today? Or do we use something else instead of the object? What does the object make the participant think of?
  5. Pass the object around.
  6. Ask for any other thoughts/input on the object.
  7. Once the session has come to an end, or when you feel like the participants have had enough, put away all objects/material/props.
  8. Ask participants if they enjoyed themselves. Ask them if there was anything else they would have liked to have seen or talked about. Perhaps you can find it for next time.
  9. Thank participants for participating.


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