Music & Movement

This exercise helps participants get physical through music evolving movements. Moving to music can enhance body awareness and is a great way to reminisce by listening to familiar music. Listen to your body and do not do any movements that cause discomfort.


Ideal Group Size:    1:1 or small group


Equipment Needed

  • CD/Music Player
  • Pre-planned music play list so that movements can correspond to music
  • Chalk board or white board, with chalk or markers



  1. Use chalk board to display written movements that will be carried out during the song to assist participants in active engagement.
  2. Warm up.
  3. Explain to participants that the movements can be carried out in multiple ways. Encourage them to choose a way that allows them to achieve success.
  4. One to three movements may be carried out during a song, depending on ability.
  5. Cool down at the end.


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