HOY! Card Game

HOY! Is an easy social game that is played in a similar fashion to BINGO. The object of the game is to be the first player to complete their card hand and yell out the word “HOY!”                


Ideal Group Size:    1:1 or small group


Equipment Needed

  • Deck of Cards
  • Large Deck of Cards (or 2nd deck if large sizes are not available)



  1. Find a table or sitting area that can accommodate each player and their cards.
  2. From the first deck of cards, each participant is dealt five to six cards face up. They are put in a row in front of them.
  3. The “caller” then uses the large deck of cards and flips one up at a time and calls out the suit and number (for example: “8 of diamonds”).
  4. If a participant has the “8 of diamonds” in front of them, they flip it upside down.
  5. Repeat.
  6. The first participant to flip all of their cards face down yells “HOY!” and wins that round.
  7. After an agreed number of rounds, collect all the cards and thank each person for participating.


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