Fun with Fruit

Many seniors are not familiar with or have not tasted exotic types of fruit. This is a fun and easy activity that you can do with your loved one at home. It engages memories and senses. Fun with Fruit can lead to reminiscing, by stimulating experiences and memories that are great stories to share. 


Ideal Group Size:    1:1 or small group


Equipment Needed

  • Selection of exotic fruit (from the grocery store)
  • Knife, plates, napkins
  • Tablet or computer for further research



  1. Pass the fruit around and have participants feel the texture and try to guess the name of the fruit.
  2. After observing and feeling the fruit, cut it open and look at what the fruit looks like inside. Have participants describe the look and smell.
  3. For those who want to, try the fruit and describe the taste. Discuss whether the fruit is sweet, bitter, sour, etc.
  4. To further the intellectual experience, find out where the fruits come from and lead a discussion about those countries. This is a great way to talk about where people have travelled or wish to travel to.
  5. This activity can also lead to other discussions: other fruit the participants enjoy; fruit that was not available during the war or when they were young; and memories of fruit grown in gardens or preserved fruit and jams.


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