Flower Press

Flower Pressing is a great way to make the most of your garden at the end of the summer months. Harvesting flowers and pressing them promotes independence and adds to everyday enjoyment for your loved one. Finished products are eye-appealing and support a sense of accomplishment.


Ideal Group Size: 1:1 or small group


Equipment Needed:

  • Flowers from the garden or an old bouquet
  • Wax paper
  • Heavy book/object for pressing
  • Clamp (if available)
  • Frames
  • Watercolour paper (if available)



  1. Find a table that can accommodate all equipment and working space.
  2. Lay out fresh flowers that were previously picked from the garden or purchased from a store.
  3. Trim flowers and remove any unwanted leaves. 
  4. Cut sheets of wax paper large enough to fill the size of the books or objects you are using.
  5. Insert one piece of wax paper in the middle of a heavy book or on a table if using a heavy object.
  6. Strategically place flowers flat facing downward on the wax paper and spread out all pedals and leaves. 
  7. Place a second piece of wax paper on top of the flowers.
  8. Close book or place heavy object on top of flowers.
  9. If a clamp is available, clamp the book or heavy object to add further compression.
  10. Leave the flowers for two to three weeks to dry out.
  11. Once dried, flowers can be arranged into small displays within frames. For extra effect, add a piece of watercolour paper for a background.
  12. Enjoy!


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