Faith & Fellowship

This activity provides faith-based fellowship for individuals who are unable to attend community worship on a regular basis. It also provides socialization and emotional and spiritual stimulation. A familiarity with aspects of spirituality, spiritual health and religion, as well as knowledge of hymns and prayers, is helpful to facilitate this program. 


Ideal Group Size:    1:1 or small group


Equipment Needed

  • CD/Music Player
  • Computer or tablet (optional)
  • CDs or digital versions of hymns
  • Hymn books or printable copies/tablet



  1. The facilitator prepares a “topic of the day” and hymn books or online resources.
  2. Set up chairs in a circle in a quiet space and invite participants to join.
  3. Start with an opening prayer and two scripture readings which introduce a topic. Participants can be encouraged to reflect on how this topic manifests in their own life and experiences. Sing hymns in-between the reflection.
  4. Lead a closing prayer and blessing for all participants.
  5. Clean up the area to its formal setting.


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