BINGO is a game enjoyed by many! If heading out to a BINGO hall is not an option for you, this game can be adapted to play at home. BINGO can provide participants with an atmosphere for socialization without the pressure of having to necessarily converse. It also enhances mental focus and hand-eye coordination.


Ideal Group Size:    small group


Equipment Needed

  • BINGO card
  • BINGO marker or chips
  • Numbers to call
  • Prizes (optional)



  1. Find a table or sitting area that can accommodate each player and their cards.
  2. Create a required pattern to win for each game, such as “one line”, “four corners”, “X” pattern or “full card”.
  3. The “caller” draws the BINGO numbers one up at a time and calls out the number (for example: “B15”)
  4. If a participant has “B15” on their BINGO card, cover the number with the BINGO marker or chip.
  5. Repeat.
  6. The end of the game occurs when the first participant completes the required pattern. The person then yells “BINGO” and they win that round.
  7. After an agreed upon number of rounds, collect all the cards and thank each person for participating.


** BINGO cards can be found at craft/game stores or you can find printable versions online. You can also get creative and create different themes such as “the holidays” by using pictures or words in place of the numbers.


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